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for once, there was an unknown land.

a land where all things are perfect and poisonous.

brian/curt shippers
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this community is moderated by spartan_117. lorielen is also a maintainer of the comm but please direct any requests or suggestions to me, xr8fordgirl :)

If anyone has any idea's to kick start the comm, please feel free to contact me. Any suggestions are welcome

briancurt is a dedicated shipping community to brian/curt or curt/brian (depending on how you read it) from the glam rock movie velvet goldmine, which for the most part, was influenced by david bowie's fantastic life as a rock star. as for the paring, we welcome fanfiction, fanart, icons, graphics, wallpapers, information, questions and ideas. membership is unmoderated, so go join!

we love discussion, but while you're here keep things civil. credit people where credit is due. cut large images and icon posts of more than three. include warnings and ratings if needed. keep things related to our paring or movie, thus all other promotion is restricted to velvet goldmine and/or closely attached things.

We're now affiliated with velvet100 so go check them out *grins happily*

say hello to our beloved groupies _e_w_a_n_, ewan_hayden, suckerlove_, velvet_goldmine and wolf_spacequeen.

base coding from interlinea.